Electroforming: an additive manufacturing process

The cutting-edge electroforming procedure we employ ensures tight process control, superior quality output, and the precise duplication of the mandrel allows for high repeatability.

electroforming process

The electroforming process allows for high-precision mandrel duplication. The conductive patterned substrate’s high resolution makes it possible to achieve finer detail and superior edge definition with tighter tolerances. The result is exceptional process control, high quality production and superior repeatability; this makes electroforming ideally suited for high volume production.

The Electroforming process can be concluded in a series of steps including Cleaning, Coating, Exposing, Developing, Deposition, and Harvesting.

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electroforming benefits

Tighter tolerances to preserve the precision quality of electroforming and to ensures the higher output and lifespan of the screen.

Mirror smooth working surface for soft travel of each sugar crystal providing minimal breakup.

Radially aligned slot arrangements in multiple arc segments to match the direction of travel of the sugar crystal. This achieves optimum purity value at maximum capacity, enhancing crystal separation efficiency.

Conical slot size to reduce blinding & clogging when filtering molasses.

additive manufacturing: atom by atom

Electroforming is a method to produce metal parts by precise deposition of metals onto patterned substrates. Its uniqueness is that you can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing absolute accuracy and high aspect ratios.

  • Non clogging holes

  • Burr and stress free

  • Sharp edges

  • Straight side walls

  • Additive manufacturing process (atom by atom)

  • High aspect ratio

  • Accurate hole size

  • Micron sized holes

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