Atul sugar screens for continuous centrifuges

Our screens’ ultra-smooth finish significantly reduces any breaking up of the sugar crystal while precise sharp and chrome-hardened conical slots ensure highly effective crystal separation.

Atul sugar screens

The conical shape of the screen slots makes them considerably less susceptible to clogging or blinding. The hard chrome plating on the working sides of Atul screens improves wear resistance, tangibly extending the working lifespan.

Superior ductility makes our screens easy to mount and handle and they do not distort due to internal stresses: the appreciable tensile strength of Atul Screens prevents damage because of the high centrifugal forces they are subjected to. 

Atul screens are available in a wide range of slot sizes and configurations suitable for a variety of continuous centrifuges. A wide choice of thickness and aperture is available.

Atul advantages

High purity Nickel Screens with close-grain hard chromium plating for enhanced wear resistance.

Mirror smooth working surface to avoid sugar crystal damage during separation.

Vast range of slot configurations available to suit different sugar purity levels.

Maximum discharge efficiency on account of conical perforations without burr, clogging or blinding.

Dimensions aligned with Centrifugal Manufacturer’s Specifications.


Nickel screen offering superior performance

An addition to Atul‘s pioneering innovations, Sucromax represents the next generation in nickel screens. It has been introduced to meet the ongoing developing requirements of the market to improve productivity and profitability.

Key features:

  • More aperture space for increased output.
  • Reduced slot sizes for more sugar production, helping to reduce losses and increases sugar yield without losing throughput. In turn, this provides reduced final molasses purity.
  • Thicker than a standard screen for longer life.
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