manufacturing facilities, quality control, and global presence

Atul’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is supported by outstanding testing capabilities. Our experienced, highly trained workforce together with the proven technology we employ sets us apart in the industry. With continuous investment in technology and methodology, Atul is one of the forefront Nickel screen manufacturing facilities of its kind in the world.

Quality Control

Atul Sugar Screens Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Our systems and procedures are backed by required equipment and intelligent systems. To guarantee optimum performance, every Atul screen is subject to stringent quality checks at every stage of manufacture:

  • The open area of each screen is measured to ensure throughput efficiency.
  • The area of each slot is measured by an electronic eye.
  • A go /no-go comparison is made against corresponding international standards.

These rigorous measures help deliver the high quality and reliability that Atul is known for.

Global presence

Atul is proud to have established a strong & reliable distribution network around the World which has contributed to our durable competitive advantage by providing:

  • A wider customer reach.
  • Enhanced transparency & collaboration.
  • Responsive, direct service.
  • Tighter focus on customers’ requirements.

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