trusted partner in the sugar industry

sugar screens optimised for continuous centrifuges – built for performance

trusted partner in the sugar industry

With an established heritage of almost 50 years, Atul Sugar Screens Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first sugar screen manufacturing export organisation. Today, its state-of-the-art facility with the largest independent manufacturing and testing capacity under one roof in Asia, serves thousands of end users across the globe, from The Americas to Europe, Africa to South East Asia and beyond.

as the largest exporter of nickel screens in Asia, Atul has successfully developed to become the industry leader in the Indian market

This is founded not only in the quality and reliability of the nickel screens for continuous centrifuges it offers, but also in the forward-looking talented and experienced team it employs to deliver unceasing innovation.

approximately 200 million metric tonnes of sugar is produced by more than 1000 sugar factories across 110 countries, nearly half of which are served by Atul


Based in Pune, India, Atul is the largest exporter of nickel screens in Asia and is the industry leader in the Indian market.


Our screens’ ultra-smooth finish significantly reduces any breaking up of the sugar crystal while precise sharp and chrome-hardened conical slots ensure highly effective crystal separation.


The cutting-edge electroforming procedure we employ ensures tight process control, superior quality output, and the precise duplication of the mandrel allows for high repeatability.

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